The benefits of hi-rail truck hire with Hi-Range Crane Forks


The benefits of hi-rail truck hire with Hi-Range Crane Forks

Due to the steady growth of Australia’s population, the railway industry has experienced an increase in infrastructure development and funding in recent years. Railway construction and railway maintenance projects are becoming more commonplace. Many railway projects require specialised equipment, such as hi-rail trucks, so they can be completed with minimal disruption to rail services. But what is a hi-rail truck, and how can hi-rail truck hire benefit a railway project? Let’s find out.

What is hi-rail?

The term “hi-rail” is the combination of the word’s “highway” and “rail”. It refers to vehicles that are able to operate both on the road and on railway tracks. Hi-rail vehicles may also be referred to as “hyrail”, “high-rail”, and “road rail” vehicles.

What are hi-rail trucks?

Hi-rail trucks are trucks that have either been designed or modified to be able to operate on roads and railway tracks. They typically have a set of regular rubber wheels for roads and a retractable set of flanged metal wheels for railways.

Hi-rail trucks may also be fitted with other features that allow them to operate more efficiently on railways. For example, some custom models of hi-rail truck can be controlled while on the railway from the inside cabin as well as from the back of the truck and from the top of an attached elevated work platform (EWP).

What are the benefits of hi-rail truck hire?

The primary advantage of using a hi-rail truck to service a railway project is their versatility. A hi-rail truck can be driven normally to get to the project site and then transfer onto railway tracks to perform work on areas of the railway where there is no nearby road access. They can also travel via railway tracks from one project site to another if required. This greatly reduces project time spent on material, equipment, and machine transport.

Most hi-rail trucks for hire come equipped with a variety of specialised tools and attachments that allow them to perform a variety of railway maintenance and railway construction duties. Hi-rail trucks are also very compact and typically do not pose a risk to overhead powerlines and other railway fixtures.

Skilled operators

Our skilled operators can assist with signalling work, track upgrades, construction, and maintenance works using the machine. Our team always endeavour to help our customers achieve outstanding project outcomes.


To ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers, we provide both wet hire and dry hire solutions for our hi-rail trucks. When you wet hire a hi-rail truck with us, we provide you with a skilled and qualified machine operator. If you have your own certified operator, we’ll deliver a reliable, well-maintained hi-rail truck to your project. Our hi-rail trucks are available on short-term and long-term projects alike, so we can accommodate for the needs of almost any project.


Hi-Range Crane Forks have been servicing the railway industry for over 30 years now! When you hire a hi-rail truck with us, you can rest assured that we will use our experience and expertise to provide you with the right hi-rail truck for your project.

Why hire a hi-rail truck with Hi-Range Crane Forks?

Hi-Range Crane Forks provides quality hi-rail trucks for hire to railway construction and railway maintenance projects across New South Wales. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a hi-rail truck with Hi-Range Crane Forks:

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