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For you to finish a project effectively, one of the many things that you should consider is choosing the right equipment for your team. This is crucial because there are many aspects that will affect the way you utilise machinery. For instance, the telehandler is one of the best types of equipment out there and offers a range of benefits. The biggest benefit is that it will help you cut down your expenses because of how productive and effective it is on the job site.

Telehandlers are such versatile equipment, and they have many features and attachments for a wide variety of uses. You can also hire models for specific uses and even customise down to the weight capacity, steering and accessories. By taking all of this into consideration, it shows that while choosing your telehandler, it is important for you to also know the best uses for it.

The Factors that Affect Telehandler Use

The main reason why telehandlers are used so frequently is because of their multifunctionality. Telehandlers are utilised for a wide range of jobs and there are factors that influence the telehandler that you should hire. These are the different types, functionalities and accessories of a telehandler. Depending on these factors, you will know how to best use the equipment to your advantage.

The Main Types of Telehandlers

On the other hand, for rotating telehandlers, you will have a more extensive range of movement. This is because the cab and boom can rotate 360 degrees while the body is stationary. It is relatively easy to manoeuvre and is best utilised for positioning materials in locations that are hard to reach.

There are two types of telehandlers: fixed and rotating telehandlers. The difference is based on their movement capabilities. For fixed, you can use this equipment if you prefer to have a lower range of motion. This is also suited for lifting heavy loads. Although it has limited movement because the cab is locked in one place and cannot rotate, it still consists of many subcategories by weight and reach distance. Another benefit of using this type of telehandler is that it can provide you with more accessibility since they come in varieties such as super compact and compact models.

Functions of Telehandlers

Telehandlers are commonly used for industrial and construction purposes. As flexible machines, they have five hydraulic functions that are responsible for how they are properly used in several industries. The more you understand their capabilities the more you’ll know why you should utilise them for your projects:

  • Vertical boom lift - Through the telescopic boom, you can lift and extend it to reach great heights.
  • Horizontal boom extension - Without moving the equipment closer, the boom extends for height.
  • Fork tilt up and down - This is best used when manoeuvring objects that need high accuracy. The fork attachment tilts to angle the prongs forward or backward.
  • Stabilisers up and down - This is used for maintaining balance while lifting objects. They can be found on the front and back of the body.
  • Frame levelling - This function will make sure that the equipment will remain horizontally despite the rough terrain.

Some attachments include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bucket - You can use grapple buckets to secure heavy loads while there are also material buckets you can utilise for spreading materials or cleaning the job site.
  • Forks - There are fork extensions that can add length and also pallet forks that are for lifting pallets of materials.
  • Platforms - Use work platforms to elevate operators, crew members or materials. 

Telehandler Accessories

When it comes to telehandlers, you have a variety of attachments to choose from. With added accessories, you can easily turn your telehandler into a forklift, crane, elevated work platform or an earthmoving machine.

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