What Are Elevated Work Platforms?



For some construction, agriculture and railway projects, you may need to access higher points of the project to either service or extended upon. This is where acquiring an elevated work platform (EWP) is essential. An EWP is as the name suggests, is a working platform that can be lifted up and down, allowing contractors to access hard to reach places or move equipment from the ground level to another level above.

Are There Safety Requirements You Need to Consider?

Before a contractor can utilise an elevated work platform, they must first undergo the relevant and required training in order to use the equipment safely. When you are hiring an EWP contractor to tackle your project, you need to ensure that the contractor has completed the applicable training. You can either ask the contractor themselves or check with the company to ensure that your project will be completed correctly. There are several aspects of an EWP that an EWP contractor will need to understand before using one; a trustworthy course will cover:

  • Hazard Assessment
  • The required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Planning the work out safely
  • Equipment checks before and after the project
  • Elevated Work Platform setup
  • Elevated Work Platform operation
  • Elevated Work Platform shutdown procedures
  • Procedures when an emergency occurs

Which Elevated Work Platform is Ideal for Your Project?

Now, there are several elevated work platforms that can be utilised to complete a variety of project scopes. Most EWP’s can be setup and operated by one person, which makes overall labour costs decrease, but some EWP’s can come with an assortment of extra additions. But, when considering the right EWP for your worksite, you need to know the type of work you will be doing with it. Below are the three main EWP’s:

  • Articulated Boom Lifts
  • Telescopic Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts

Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulated boom lifts are one of most common lifts you can hire and have a wide variety of features that can assist your project. There are electrical and diesel-powered variations of the articulated lift, allowing them to be utilised in both indoor and outdoor settings. Diesel boom lifts are mostly used to service or replace overhead powerlines. One negative is that an articulated boom lift can only carry up to 200kg in total. Therefore, if you are looking at an articulated boom lift, they’re great if you require manoeuvrability and weight capacity isn’t an issue.

Telescopic Lifts

Telescopic lifts are different to articulated boom lifts and telescopic handlers as they extend straight out, instead of articulating - they're also being much easier to setup. Telescopic lifts are able to carry much heavier loads of materials required for your project; we’re talking tonnes not kilograms. However, the extension of the arm depends on how much the arm can carry. Therefore, if you are looking at a telescopic lift, they’re great for carrying high load capacities if terrain or obstacles are blocking your route.

Scissor Lifts

When compared to articulating and telescopic lifts, scissor lifts are pretty basic as they just manoeuvre straight up and down. Scissor lifts are perfect for lifting materials and workers to required heights due to their large platform base. Scissor lifts are also very versatile as they can be utilised indoors and outdoors, while also coming in various sizes. Therefore, if you are looking at a scissor lift, they’re great if you are looking to work vertically and on even ground.

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