4 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Telehandler Hire Company



Having been in the telehandler hire business for over 30 years, we’ve seen our fair share of hiring mistakes. Some telehandler hire mistakes can’t be avoided, but there are four key mistakes that we’ve seen time and again that can easily be avoided once you know what to look out for. To ensure you pick the right telehandler hire provider every time we’ve put together this blog as a guide to avoid the most common mistakes.

Telehandlers are often seen as the bridge between access equipment and run of the mill construction equipment. This is due to the multitude of attachments that they support and the wide variety of tasks and projects telehandlers are able to complete. Because of this, however, it is easy for hirers to get confused when booking a telehandler. This can then quickly lead to mistakes that could be avoided.

Below are four mistakes we see made every week and easy ways to avoid them so both yourself and the telehandler hire company have a good experience.

1. Not Checking What the Telehandler Hire Company Does

This mistake is not unique to telehandler hire, but in fact, is seen across the construction machine hire and access equipment hire industries all the time. We often see people waste hours of their time ringing around to different telehandler hire companies when a quick check of their website would tell them if the company can complete the project or not. To save time there are three things you should have an idea about before making a call to a telehandler hire company.

  • Type of project (residential, commercial, construction…)
  • Length of project
  • Project requirements

From these three things you should be able to piece together the kind of telehandler hire company you need. Whether it’s a company that specifically does long term dry hire to construction, short term wet hire, purely civil work, or residential construction. This will save you time and effort and ensure that when you reach out to a telehandler hire company, you know they can help you.

    2. Not Knowing What Telehandler to Hire

    It’s not uncommon for the hirer to not know exactly what telehandler to hire, however, they should have somewhat of an idea of what the telehandler is required to do. The three points mentioned above will not only help you decide what telehandler hire company you should go with, but also the type of telehandler you need to hire.

    Most telehandlers for hire will be ranked on their boom length, lifting capacity, or capabilities, if you’re still unsure we have another blog dedicated to the different varieties of telehandlers. By describing your project requirements in as much detail as possible to the telehandler hire company they will be able to choose the best telehandler for your project. This is why it is imperative to choose a telehandler hire company that fits your project needs.

    3. Choosing the Cheapest Quote

    It is common in the industry for hirers to shop around until they’ve found the cheapest quote. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing - you need to ensure you’re not being ripped off - you also need to consider what you are giving up for the lower cost. When you are calling around to different telehandler hire companies, cost should not be the first and last question you have for them.

    Ensure you ask about the quality of service the company will be providing and what conditions the telehandlers are in. This is especially important for long term or recurring hire discussions as you need to be able to rely on this company into the future. Lastly, consider what the telehandler hire company is sacrificing elsewhere in order to provide you with the lowest quote.

    4. Not Reading or Signing a Hire Contract

    Capping off the four mistakes we see made every week is potentially the riskiest of them all. Not reading or signing a hire contract with a telehandler hire company can create major financial and legal issues for yourself and the corresponding company. To protect yourself it is always crucial to sign a contract before you allow the telehandler hire company to start work or provide the machine. The contract should include important information such as:

    • Hire period
    • Rate per hour or project cost 
    • Clarification on who is liable for maintenance and repairs
    • Any additional costs such as late feesReturn and hire extension policies

    If there is anything in the contract that does not sit right with you you are within your rights to question the hire agreement and resolve the issue. All legitimate telehandler hire companies will request you sign a contract of some respect to ensure that they are also covered in the occurrence of a late return or dispute of cost. Singing a contract to hire a telehandler is the same as if you were to lease a house or a car and should be stock standard for the industry.

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