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Got slope stability works coming up? Our cranes ca...
Our team has plenty of experience in putting our cranes to work on slope stability and slope safety projects in New South Wales. Here’s a brief overview of some common slope stabilisation techniques and how our cranes and equipment can help to implement them.
Hold the line – how does a railway track upgrade...
Track works. Railbuses. Change trains at the next station. If you are a regular rail commuter, these are all phrases that no doubt cause you to roll your eyes, check your watch, and adjust your plans. To the untrained observer, railway track upgrades are largely seen as an inconvenience – albeit a...
What is a rail junction upgrade?
Rail junction upgrades are rail works projects designed to improve rail systems and corridors. A rail junction is, by definition, a point at which two or more rail lines intersect or diverge from one another. Junctions are often located at or close to stations to facilitate expanded route capacity a...
The benefits of hi-rail truck hire with Hi-Range C...
Due to the steady growth of Australia’s population, the railway industry has experienced an increase in infrastructure development and funding in recent years. Railway construction and railway maintenance projects are becoming more commonplace. Many railway projects require specialised equipment, ...
What’s in a name? Why the brand of your telehand...
In some industries, brand names are just an excuse to tack more money on to a product. When it comes to heavy machinery, however, the name behind the piece of equipment that you choose matters a great deal. While there is no real risk in buying an inexpensive pair of chain-store shoes, cutting corne...
What is the difference between a telehandler and a...
When it comes to the wide world of construction machinery, there are some common terms that get used interchangeably when they shouldn’t. To the site novice, a telehandler and a forklift might be considered as machines suitable for the same jobs, or even two words for the same machine. This is not...
Why you should hire a hi-rail EWP with Hi-Range Cr...
Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) are a common sight on work sites across multiple sectors in New South Wales. They are manoeuvrable and compact machines that can lift and lower workers, enabling them to perform work at height and in areas they would otherwise not be able access easily. EWPs are used b...
Hi-rail EWP hire; wet hire or dry hire?
In the rail industry, hi-rail EWPs (Elevated Work Platforms) are often used to undertake railway maintenance works including track expansion, signal work, or junction upgrades. Whether you wet hire or dry hire a hi-rail EWP can have a significant impact on the outcome of your railway repair or maint...
How to prevent crane hazards
Cranes and telehandlers are essential machines on New South Wales construction sites, but they are also big, heavy, and carry big and heavy things. Knowing this, mitigating the risks associated with operating a crane is essential to keeping workers and the general public safe. Crane hazards can be a...
Advantages of crane and telehandler hire in Sydney
Cranes and telehandlers are versatile machines ideal for haulage and heavy lifting in the construction and shipping industries. Crane hire and telehandler hire ensures the quick movement of materials and machinery with the accuracy and safety of load positioning. Hiring a crane or telehandler instea...
4 reasons why a professional should handle your cr...
Crane hire is an important part of construction projects, especially for contractors who don’t have cranes in their fleet or need a boost to their range of cranes for a specific job. But sourcing a crane isn’t the whole story - hirers also need someone to operate it.Hi-Range Crane Forks offers h...
Why hire hi-rail cranes with us?
Hi-rail cranes are an essential addition to a job site where heavy lifting is required on, for, or near a railway line. On rail works including railway construction, railway renovation, re-railing, and railway maintenance, hi-rail cranes can transport machinery, materials, and workers to and from a ...
How important is hi-rail equipment to the NSW rail...
Australia's rail system is critical to the nation's economy. Without rail, Australia would face significant logistical and congestion challenges, a hit to freight transport, and economic detriment.Hi-rail equipment for the growing rail industry in Sydney and wider New South Wales will not only allow...
How telehandlers are used in construction
Telehandler hire makes a valuable contribution to the construction process by unloading materials from delivery vehicles, transporting them around construction sites and placing them at height, or reach. Telehandlers can be fitted with a wide range of attachments including buckets, skips, work platf...
Our Work on Sydney Metro Rouse Hill Trains Facilit...
Building a Better Sydney Metro Network
Our Work on Line-Wide Works During The Sydney Metr...
Creating a New Metro Line for Sydney
How Does Hi-Rail Equipment Work?
Hi-rail vehicles are vehicles designed to operate both on railways and on the road. They are usually maintenance vehicles working on the railway, where the area is too tight or there are no access roads for the railway they’re working on. Hi-rail equipment is usually built for the road in the usua...
Capabilities of Each Telehandler Size
When browsing telehandler hire options, the two biggest factors to consider are what you’ll be loading, and where you’ll be loading it. Using a telehandler size that isn’t able to lift the weight you want to lift as high as you need is a wasted hire, but worse, telehandler hire that isn’t st...
Benefits of Hiring 360 Degree Telehandlers
Telehandlers (AKA telescopic handlers or reach forklifts) are essentially a combination between a crane and a forklift, with a traditional forklift pallet on a crane boom. With attachments other than the traditional forklift pallet, however, telehandler hire can be used in a wide variety of applicat...
Most Unique Uses for Telehandlers
In the construction industry, you might think of telehandler hire as solely for moving materials around on a job site. Some standard uses for telehandlers include using them as pallet forks, Elevated Work Platforms, crane jibs and more.
Benefits of MEWPs
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) are manoeuvrable and compact machines used to lift workers into spaces they otherwise would not be able to reach. MEWP hire is used on both indoor and outdoor worksites to eliminate the risk of accidents associated with climbing, lifting and even falling on the...
Top Telehandler Licence Questions
Telehandlers may seem simple to use, but the skills needed to operate them depend on the complexities of the machine attachments and its heavy lifting power. While a ‘telehandler licence’ doesn’t exist, you may need a High-Risk Work (HRW) Licence or elevated platform licence to operate a teleh...
How to Best Use Telehandlers
For you to finish a project effectively, one of the many things that you should consider is choosing the right equipment for your team. This is crucial because there are many aspects that will affect the way you utilise machinery. For instance, the telehandler is one of the best types of equipment o...
Why Hiring a Telehandler Will Help Your Jobsite
Ever since telehandlers have made their debut across several countries, especially Australia, they have continued to gain prominence on many job sites. From landscapers to construction workers, telehandlers have proved to be vital machines for better efficiency and productivity. Different industries...
What is a Hi-Rail Truck?
A hi-rail truck is a dual-mode vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road. They are often converted road vehicles, switching their normal wheels with rubber tires, but fitted with additional flanged steel wheels for running on rails. Hi-rail trucks and cranes are designed ...
Increase Project Productivity with Telehandler Att...
Are you trying to find new and innovative ways to decrease unnecessary spend and increase productivity on your construction site? Then the telehandler is the machine for you. Telehandlers are often seen as single-use equipment, but what many people don’t realise is their untapped potential when us...
4 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Telehandler...
Having been in the telehandler hire business for over 30 years, we’ve seen our fair share of hiring mistakes. Some telehandler hire mistakes can’t be avoided, but there are four key mistakes that we’ve seen time and again that can easily be avoided once you know what to look out for. To ensure...
What Contractors Are Used In Rail Construction
Compared to other kinds of construction, like road and building construction, rail construction is not often obvious, unless you are directly involved or affected by it. Despite often working under the radar, rail construction is some of the most important infrastructure work that can be done. Just ...
What Telehandler Size Do You Need?
Telehandlers are versatile machines that can be used in a number of different projects. These machines are tough and reliable, allowing them to tackle any task on any terrain. Telehandlers are essential on farms and rural worksites, but they can also undertake civil and construction project requirem...
Popular Telehandler Types and Their Benefits
When you need an all in one machine, you can’t go past a telehandler. They’re able to combine the uses of more than five machines in one. Telehandlers, often also called telescopic handlers, have been gaining popularity over the past few decades on construction sites and industrial parks across ...
Working at Height – Selecting the Right Access E...
Whether you’re a DIY-er looking to paint your two-story house or a tradie that needs to complete maintenance by scaling a building, choosing the right access equipment is critical for the successful completion of your project. From installing a satellite dish to repairing powerlines, access equipm...
Using a Telehandler Safely
A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler, is a lifting machine primarily used in the construction industry to carry loads up to hard to reach areas. This versatile piece of equipment combines the benefits of a crane, a forklift and an elevating work platform. Suitable for a range ...
What Are Hi-Rail Cranes?
All over the world, railways are becoming increasingly popular and is an important service for not only the transportation of goods and services but for people regularly commuting to and from different locations. With investments being made into railways, utilising equipment that can assist in the d...
What Licence Do You Need to Operate a Telehandler?
Are you looking to apply for a job working with telehandlers? Or do you need to hire a telehandler for a project you’re working on? Knowing if you have the right qualifications to be able to operate a telehandler can be confusing, especially when you consider all the different attachments that can...
What is Hi-Rail?
The term hi-rail is used to describe vehicles and machinery that have been modified to operate both on conventional roads and on railways. The name hi-rail comes from the shortening of highway and railway, and a vehicle that fits the term will generally have standard rubber wheels with retractable f...
What Are Elevated Work Platforms?
For some construction, agriculture and railway projects, you may need to access higher points of the project to either service or extended upon. This is where acquiring an elevated work platform (EWP) is essential. An EWP is as the name suggests, is a working platform that can be lifted up and down,...
How to Choose the Best Telehandler for Your Projec...
Before you go picking any particular telehandler and thinking this one will suit your project requirements, you must first understand exactly what a telehandler is and how to use it on your project site. A telehandler (also known as a telescopic handler or teleporter forklift) is a versatile piece o...
What Are the Benefits of a Telehandler?
If you have ever been out on a construction, railway or agriculture project site, telehandlers are one of the most prominent pieces of machinery on the site. A telehandler is a popular machine due to its combination of providing height like a crane but also the lifting and attachment abilities of a ...

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