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Are you trying to find new and innovative ways to decrease unnecessary spend and increase productivity on your construction site? Then the telehandler is the machine for you. Telehandlers are often seen as single-use equipment, but what many people don’t realise is their untapped potential when used with a range of attachments. Telehandler attachments can range from elevated working platforms through to buckets and fork tynes, and a variety of other attachments.

With telehandler hire becoming increasingly popular it is wise to understand their full potential now, so you can get the most out of them when they are hired onto your construction site. In doing this you will often be able to process tasks faster and increase productivity, all without incurring excessive costs.

  • Bucket attachment: This is very similar to the bucket you will find on a skid steer loader, and is capable of scooping, carrying and depositing hard and loose materials around the worksite.

  • Jib attachment: A jib attachment allows a telehandler to complete work similar to a small crane, lifting and moving awkward objects around the site and elevating them four storeys or more.

  • For tyne attachment: A fork tyne attachment works in the same way forklift tynes do, enabling a telehandler to move pallets and bulky materials around the work site.  

  • Elevated work platform attachment: EWP attachments are a great investment for a telehandler owner as it removes the necessity for other access equipment to be hired onto a project that already has a telehandlers.

Complete the Work of Four Machines in One

It is often said that a telehandler is able to complete the work of four machines thanks to its unique design and lifting capabilities. With the potential to do the work of a wheel loader, forklift, small crane, and scissor lift, a telehandler is an asset to any work site. But how is a telehandler able to complete all this work? With strategic use of attachments such as:

Aside from the four attachments mentioned above, there is a range of other attachments that can be used with a telehandler, there are even purpose-built attachments that allow telehandlers to complete unique projects. But how are these attachments making your project site more productive? By reducing the number of machines you have coming and going from site you are able to complete work when it needs to be done, not when the machine for it rocks up. This keeps your project on or ahead of schedule and reduces the costs outlaid to machine hire.

    Reach New Heights Easily

    When you hire a telehandler onto your project site you’re not only getting a multi use workhorse of a machine, you’re also getting the benefits of the boom. Telehandler booms can reach up to 60ft high, meaning you can access most areas of your project site from the ground, making moving materials that much easier.

    Telehandlers are able to utilise all their attachments when extending to their full length. This means that you are able to get your pallets and materials as well as your people up into the air quickly and easily. All telehandlers hired through Hi-Range Crane Forks come with a telehandler load chart specific to the make and model of the machine going out to hire to ensure you maximise the potential of the telehandler.

    Get Your Project’s Productivity On Track With Hi-Range

    When you need a machine that can do it all look no further than a telehandler. With the attachments you need and all the mobility and range you could want the telehandler is the machine that is going to kick your project into the next gear. Get in touch with the Hi-Range Crane Forks team today to find out how you can get a telehandler with a range of attachments on your site today.

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