Our Work on Line-Wide Works During The Sydney Metro Project



Creating a New Metro Line for Sydney

The Sydney Metro project is Australia’s biggest transport project, aiming to build 31 metro railway stations and a 66km standalone metro railway system to deliver a train to the Sydney city centre every two minutes both ways by 2024.

The Line-Wide Works

The Sydney Metro project includes sub-projects, which aim to get parts of the new metro line in Sydney operational quickly. One sub-project is the line-wide works on the Northern Connection (AKA Metro City and Southwest), which aims to connect the currently operational Sydney Northwest new metro line with the CBD and beyond into Bankstown.

The Sydney Metro’s line-wide works project was awarded at $1.4 billion to Systems Connect, a partnership between CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering, who are tasked with constructing all the permanent systems, services and infrastructure for the Sydney Metro, including metro rail track, power, communications, signalling systems, and more.

The package provided by Systems Connect to the Sydney Metro project includes:

  • Connecting 31 kilometres of underground railway track, to be laid in twin tunnels from Chatswood to Sydenham
  • Connecting 31 kilometres of overhead power equipment and 11 new substations to power the Metro from Chatswood to Bankstown
  • Expanding the Sydney Metro Trains Facility at Rouse Hill to accommodate 37 new eight car Sydney Metro trains
  • Constructing the Sydney Metro Trains Facility South at Marrickville to provide stabling for 16 six-car Sydney metro trains
  • Installing tunnel equipment such as ventilation, draining and emergency evacuation and monitoring equipment
  • Fitting out the tunnel ventilation and high voltage equipment in the seven new underground metro stations
  • Fitting out the tunnels and underground stations with rail track, overhead wiring, high voltage power systems, tunnel ventilation, fire suppression systems and tunnel safety services
  • Delivering bulk power feeds to meet the Sydney Metro City and Southwest high voltage reticulation and traction power requirements
  • Delivering new train stabling and maintenance facilities at Sydenham
  • The open northern dive works to tie Sydney Metro City and Southwest into the Sydney Metro Northwest at Chatswood
  • Providing high voltage reticulation and traction power systems for the Southwest corridor from Sydenham to Bankstown

Hi-Range Crane Forks has provided CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering with our telehandlers for hire and telehandler operators, which mostly aided in connecting power to the new metro line in Sydney.

What’s Already Been Done

The Northwest section of the new metro line in Sydney was opened to the public in May 2019. The City and Southwest section line-wide works are operating in the existing T1 North Shoreline railway corridor. So far, Systems Connect has completed:
  • Station excavation and structural works
  • Waterproofing and concrete lining at Pitt St Station
  • Services facility excavation and structural works
  • Rail delivery
  • The creation of twin metro tunnels at Chatswood
  • Excavation for the foundations of a ramp to the twin metro tunnels at Chatswood

    What’s Still To Come

    Systems Connect and the NSW Government predict the Metro City and Southwest (or Northern Connection) section of the Sydney Metro project will be completed in 2024. In the next four years, they plan to:

    • Extend the Northwest line beneath Sydney Harbour
    • Build 15km of greenfield line, including 7 new stations, between Chatswood and Sydenham
    • Upgrade 13km of existing Sydenham-Bankstown railway line and 11 existing Sydenham-Bankstown stations
    • Expand the Sydney Metro Trains facility at Rouse Hill
    • Build a new depot at Sydenham

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