Our Work on Sydney Metro Rouse Hill Trains Facility


Our Work on Sydney Metro Rouse Hill Trains Facility

Building a Better Sydney Metro Network

The Sydney Metro project is Australia’s biggest transport project, aiming to build 31 metro railway stations and a 66km standalone metro railway system to deliver a train to the Sydney city centre every two minutes both ways by 2024. After the completion of the Northwest stage of the project in May 2019, a Northern Connection is being created to connect the Northwest section to the Metro City and Southwest, including an improved Rouse Hill Sydney Metro Trains Facility. Hi-Range provided telehandler hire to contractors Systems Connect, a partnership between CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering.

Find out more about what we’re doing for the Metro City and Southwest stage here.

 Rouse Hill Trains Facility

The Sydney Metro Trains Facility (SMTF) at Rouse Hill was built as part of the Sydney Metro Northwest sub-project, which was completed in May 2019, providing capacity for 22 trains. The Rouse Hill trains facility provides space and infrastructure for train stabling and maintenance, as well as accommodation for the Sydney Metro project’s growing fleet of driverless trains. The administration building houses the Sydney Metro project’s Operations Control Centre, where the fully-automated system is operated from.

The Metro City and Southwest stage of the Sydney Metro project includes an expansion of Rouse Hill’s train facility, to have space for an extra 37 trains.

Hi-Range Crane Forks has provided telehandler hire and telehandler operators to the Rouse Hill expansion project, which have mostly aided in the installation of overhead wires and rail systems.

So far, over three kilometres of track and 6,500 sleepers have been installed, and over 12,000 tonnes of rock ballast have been delivered to the approximately 60 labourers on the ground at Rouse Hill.

  • The installation of five kilometres of tracks and overhead wires
  • The installation of over 10 kilometres of high and low voltage electrical cabling
  • The installation of rail systems, lifting beams and access platforms
  • The expansion of the existing maintenance building, including the fitting out of new sheds and rooms
  • The installation of a new gantry crane
  • The modification of some existing roads

Rouse Hill During the Sydney Metro Project

Rouse Hill has continued to be operational during its expansion in the Metro City and Southwest stage of the Sydney Metro project, which requires:

As part of the Metro City and Southwest stage of the Sydney Metro project, a supplementary train facility will also be built at Marrickville for overnight stabling of trains and light maintenance activities.

What Still Needs to be Done

The Sydney Metro Train Facility at Rouse Hill is part of the Metro City and Southwest stage of the Sydney Metro project, which is set to be completed in 2024. As a sub-project, the Rouse Hill train facility includes shorter-term goals for the next few weeks rather than the next few years, including:

  • Fit-out of the maintenance shed

  • Construction of railway switch
  • Installation of new rail track and sleepers
  • Installation of overhead cables
  • Installation of temporary fencing and site equipment
  • Completion and testing stabling rail tracks
  • Internal fit-out of the administration building
  • Removal of excess water from the work site
  • Installation of underground cables
  • Installation and testing new signalling equipment and cables
  • Expansion and fit-out of the Operations Control Centre (OCC)
  • Installation of back-up power supplies at OCC

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