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When browsing telehandler hire options, the two biggest factors to consider are what you’ll be loading, and where you’ll be loading it. Using a telehandler size that isn’t able to lift the weight you want to lift as high as you need is a wasted hire, but worse, telehandler hire that isn’t stable enough for the terrain you’re on is a safety risk. Let’s look at what each of the telehandler sizes are capable of.

(This blog is a generalisation and should not be taken as advice over that of the load chart on your machine. Always check the telehandler’s load chart to understand its capabilities.)

5-7 Metre Reach Telehandlers

Though most machines are classed based on their weight, telehandler sizes based on weight vary wildly without indication of their reach or how much they can even lift. However, classing telehandlers based on their reach indicates something you can use: how far they can reach.

Telehandlers that can reach 5-7 metres are generally called light telehandlers, as they generally weigh 4-6 tonnes. This telehandler size is best for general agricultural uses, such as hay and silage handling, grain handling and more. This is because smaller telehandler sizes can pose visibility issues, which affect work in tighter industrial settings more so than on an open farm.

Construction includes multitasking, which light telehandler hire is ideal for, as telehandlers with 5-7 metre reach are generally flexible, acting as an all-terrain forklift or a loader with a bucket. Check if the light telehandler is compatible with the fork you need to turn it into an effective construction machine.

Our 5-7 metre reach telehandler hire range includes:

  • Dieci Hire: Apollo 25.06

  • Dieci Hire: Dedalus 30.

8-18 Metre Reach Telehandlers

Telehandlers with an 8-18 metre reach are called standard telehandlers, usually they can lift 4-9 tonnes, and are suitable for both farm and industrial applications. They can perform higher volume farm work than smaller telehandler sizes like handling more fodder and grain. 8-18 metre reach telehandler hire is also useful for general handling and waste collection on construction and building sites. They can clean up and lift things around a construction site when the terrain is too muddy and wet for a traditional forklift.

Since this telehandler size usually has a lift capacity of over three tonnes, the operator is required to be trained and licenced. Consider wet hiring a telehandler with an experienced Hi-Range Crane Forks operator for your high volume farm work and light industrial tasks.

Our 8-16 metre reach telehandler hire range includes:

  • Dieci Hire: Icarus 40.17
  • Dieci Hire: Pegasus 40.17

  • Manitou MT 1840
  • Manitou Hire: MRT 15.42

    19 Metres+ Reach Telehandlers

    Telehandler hire of this size is generally used for heavy industrial purposes, like general lifting on work sites and bulk handling and waste management facilities. They can usually lift from 3-9 tonnes of material at a time.

    The 19 metres+ reach telehandler size can handle the same weights as standard telehandlers, but is more capable of loading high-sided trucks or hoppers, and can act effectively as a small crane or an elevated work platform. 19 metre+ reach telehandlers are also more flexible with attachments such as a jib, bucket or work platform. It’s increased size gives it great ground clearance for waste management.

      When using telehandler hire for heavy industrial purposes, make sure not to use it as a replacement for a wheel loader, as even this telehandler size does not have all the capabilities of a wheel loader.

      When using telehandler hire as an elevated work platform, ensure you have operators with extra licencing for elevated work platform operation. Consider wet hiring a heavy telehandler size with Hi-Range Crane Forks’ experienced operators.

      Our 19+ metre reach telehandler hire range includes:

      • Dieci Hire: Pegasus 40.25

      • Dieci Hire: Pegasus 50.21

      • Manitou Hire: MRT 21.50

      • Manitou Hire: MRT 25.40

      • Manitou Hire: MRT 24.70

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