How telehandlers are used in construction


How telehandlers are used in construction

Telehandler hire makes a valuable contribution to the construction process by unloading materials from delivery vehicles, transporting them around construction sites and placing them at height, or reach. Telehandlers can be fitted with a wide range of attachments including buckets, skips, work platforms, and crane jibs.

Construction works

Telehandler hire works as a replacement for hiring forklift trucks, aerial platforms, and cranes during the construction of new buildings, including roofs and coverings, even in slopes or tight spaces.

With their telescopic booms, telehandlers can reach higher and further than forklift trucks, with greater stability on rough terrain - so they can transport goods and materials up to builders working at heights, or up to other machines as they are working. Attaching a bucket can enable telehandlers to lift aggregates including gravel, earth, and bricks, to builders.

With a man basket, telehandlers can lift the builders themselves where scaffolding is unnecessarily expensive, such as on construction projects of moderate height. They outperform aerial platforms used for this instability, load capacity, and width.

A lifting hook or winch attachment can enable telehandler operators to perform the work of a crane in tight access areas where a crane cannot reach. Telehandlers can lift and place pre-cast materials such as roofs and coverings onto buildings under construction.

Property renovations

Telehandlers’ two steering axles for compactness and manoeuvrability makes them the ideal machine for renovations, which often take place on either delicate or tight-access structures. They can move large loads in narrow spaces, so perform well on major renovations on parts of buildings and courtyards. Discover some of the most compact and manoeuvrable telehandlers for hire in our 360 Degree Telehandlers blog.

Hi-Range Crane Forks’ range of smart telehandlers for hire with technologies designed for precision can handle work on delicate structures such as historical buildings and heritage sites being renovated for structural upgrades and support.

Telehandler hire is ideal for a range of renovation tasks, including:

  • Light demolition work, with a grab attachment;
  • The structural building, including placing building materials, and;
  • Transporting building materials on site.

Assembly of large structures

As telehandler hire is traditionally used for their lifting capabilities, they are the ideal machine for the assembly of structures with pre-made and pre-cast elements. These include temporary structures such as stands for events and funfairs, and stages for concerts, which we discussed in our Most Unique Uses for Telehandlers blog.

Hi-Range Crane Forks has also been involved in the assembly of permanent structures including large renewable energy plants such as photovoltaic panel fields and wind farms. Wind farms, in particular, need precise lifting machines for the delicate and difficult handling of wind turbine blades, which requires hooking and lifting them with a lifting hook or winch attachment at their centre of gravity from storage to their place on site. Wind farms and solar farms also often require assembling on hills and steep slopes, which a telehandler hire is ideal for.

Which telehandler should you hire?

Telehandlers are a versatile and capable machine for a wide variety of projects. Within the telehandler hire market, there are telehandlers more ideal for certain projects than others.

To learn more about making your telehandler hire decisions based on size, read our blog on the Capabilities of Each Telehandler Size.

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