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Hi-rail crane

Hi-rail cranes are an essential addition to a job site where heavy lifting is required on, for, or near a railway line. On rail works including railway construction, railway renovation, re-railing, and railway maintenance, hi-rail cranes can transport machinery, materials, and workers to and from a tight-access job site, or around a job site where machinery, materials, and workers would not be able to reach without lifting equipment.

Hi-Range Crane Forks offers a wide range of well-built and well-maintained hi-rail cranes for hire. Hiring hi-rail cranes have proven a cost-effective solution to railway work when clients do not have hi-rail cranes of their own. Where buying a hi-rail crane risks forking out cash for a machine that businesses might not use enough to justify the purchase, hiring a hi-rail crane ensures you pay for what you use, hire the right crane according to the hire company’s advice, and get full access to wet hire options.

Hi-rail cranes are a type of mobile crane, which offers benefits over static cranes including power, compactness, ease of setting up and use safety, and reduced pollution. A quality mobile crane gets the job done easily, quickly, and safely, even in tight-access areas.

Hiring hi-rail cranes over traditional mobile cranes is a matter of even more access. Hi-rail equipment has the tyres for traditional road use, as well as rail-specialised wheels to operate where there is no road nearby - such as on a mine railroad - or where there is no space by the railway. Learn more about how hi-rail equipment works here. The versatility of places where hi-rail cranes can be used makes them a no-brainer hire over traditional mobile cranes when working on rail projects.

We offer quality hi-rail crane models including:

  • Manitou MRT 2150

  • Manitou MRT 2540

  • Manitou MRT 2470

  • Dieci Pegasus 4025

  • Dieci Pegasus 5021

  • Dieci Pegasus 4017

We use Manitou and Dieci products because they put safety first, they are technologically innovative, and their state-of-the-art features allow for more efficient, accurate work.

Though a diverse fleet is an important part of being a quality hi-rail crane hire company, Hi-Range Crane Forks embodies other valuable attributes as well. We have over 30 years of experience in offering hi-rail equipment and rail services and are experienced in serving Tier 1 companies and government bodies on complete junction remodelling and signal upgrade projects. Two of our most recent projects include the line-wide works for Sydney Metro and the Sydenham Station Junction Metro.

It’s not just the experience of Hi-Range as a company, either. Our individual hi-rail crane operators are experts, doing quality work with the safety of other workers, clients, and the general public in mind.

We bring our utmost to every project, whether for a Tier 1 company or a local small business - so you can be sure our hi-rail cranes are meticulously maintained and serviced to perform at their best, 100% of the time, without bringing up the price.

Experience firsthand how Hi-Range Crane Forks can improve the quality and efficiency of your project by hiring a hi-rail crane with us today. We pride ourselves on our well-built and well-maintained hi-rail cranes, skilled hi-rail crane operators, and attention to detail.

If you would like a free quote or more advice on hi-rail crane hire, just call us on (02) 4062 8733 or visit our Contact Us page, and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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