Why Hiring a Telehandler Will Help Your Jobsite



Ever since telehandlers have made their debut across several countries, especially Australia, they have continued to gain prominence on many job sites. From landscapers to construction workers, telehandlers have proved to be vital machines for better efficiency and productivity. Different industries have also realised the need for telehandlers for their respective job sites.

It has also been stated that telehandler hire has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the construction equipment hire market. This is because of the flexibility that it contributes and how it performs on job sites. Manufacturers have also boasted of its capability to be used for many applications such as multi-storey construction, parking garages and residential housing, among others. This just goes to show how much telehandlers are needed for a broad array of work.

What Are Telehandlers?

When it comes to equipment rental, telehandlers are at the top of the list. Also referred to as a telescopic handler, this compact machine is a combination of the features of a forklift and a crane. It has a telescopic boom with interchangeable attachment heads. This is the reason why many deem it to be one of the most versatile machine types. Furthermore, telehandlers are also popular for what they offer, with more reach and power than a forklift, and at the same time, the same level of manoeuvrability.

The Advantages of Telehandler Hire

Whether you are planning to dry hire a dependable telehandler or utilise a professional operator, these are some of the reasons why you should use this equipment rental:

There are so many perks that come along with a telehandler hire. Believe it or not, most say that this equipment can do at least 85% of the work on a job site, which means that you can count on a telehandler to take on any task.


There are large telehandlers and compact telehandlers. The latter is the product line that is famous for its aspect of accessibility. Compact telehandlers allow work to be done in confined areas, and they are able to help finish jobs in a convenient manner compared to other types of machinery. This equipment hire also has an advantage over a forklift because it can lift to the same height while having bonus perks such as a four-wheel steering and a telescopic boom. When you also consider working in metro areas, telehandlers would be able to get materials into tight spots and low overhead situations.

Easy Navigation

By hiring a telehandler, you will be able to easily navigate through the most suitable roads to the roughest terrain. This is because telehandlers have the four-wheel-drive functionality, which means that you have the on-road and off-road flexibility that you can use to your advantage. That is why it is also one of the best choices for industry applications such as agriculture and construction, among others.

Lifting Heavy Loads

Another advantage of telehandlers is that they are not just known for their ability to lift materials to great heights but also for their high load capacity. They can lift materials weighing several tons, easily competing with machinery like cranes and forklifts. This is also attributed to how the telehandler is designed.


Its flexibility is why telehandlers are on the rise in the construction industry. They are considered one of the most versatile crane-like machines that are available for hire. With their various attachments, from scoop buckets, forklifts, grabs, winches and more, telehandlers are be capable of performing a variety of tasks on a worksite.

Hire A Telehandler Now!

Telehandlers are such useful equipment that you won’t regret hiring one for your project. At Hi-Range Crane Forks we offer telehandler hire projects for rail, building and construction. Our equipment also comes in a variety of sizes from a 6-metre reach to a 25-metre reach. So grab this chance now and contact us today at (02) 4062 8733 to get a free quote.

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