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Hi-Rail Equipment Hire in Sydney

If you’re looking for height access equipment to work in unconventional spaces, Hi-Range Crane Forks have a range of specialised hi-rail equipment perfect for building, construction and rail projects. 

The cost, time and space it takes to assemble material handling for many of the jobs we take on is restrictive. We believe that it is faster and more cost-effective to utilise one of the many different telehandler options available from standard fixed boom to full slewing capabilities. In addition to this, the 4 wheel drive capabilities of our hi-rail equipment make it easy to access locations over rough terrain surfaces. Talk to our team today about our hi-rail equipment for your project site.


Specialised Hi-Rail Equipment Available For Your Next Project


Dieci Apollo 25.06 Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

The Apollo is a very compact and amazingly versatile machine providing access to areas traditionally difficult to reach. With a height of 1.910 metres and a width of only 1.8 metres, it provides the power to lift a weight of 2.5 tonnes to a height of 5.78 metres.


Dieci Dedalus 28.7 Telehandler Hire

5 machines in fleet

This low profile 1.985 metre high machine is especially designed to enable drivers to access underground car parks on construction sites as well as low level entrances to farm buildings. The Dedalus will lift to a height of 6.35 metres with a 2.8 tonne capacity.


Dieci Icarus 40.16 Telehandler Hire

2 machines in fleet

This Dieci Icarus is perfectly designed for the construction industry where driver safety, comfort and manoeuvrability in a rough terrain environment is essential. This machine can lift 4 tonne up to 16 metres high.


Dieci Icarus 40.17 Telehandler Hire

2 machines in fleet

The Dieci Icarus 40.17 is also designed for operator comfort and manoeuvrability in rough terrain. This machine is built to take punishment in extreme working conditions and can lift 4 tonne and up to 16.9 metres hire.


Dieci Pegasus 30.16 Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

Pegasus provides a 360/400 degree continuous rotation capability and a lifting ability up to 16 metres with capacities of 3.5 tonne. Whether it's brick, scaffolding or form board you need to handle, this machine is a very high achiever.


Dieci Pegasus 40.25 Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

Pegasus provides a 360/400 degree continuous rotation capability, lifting up to 25 metres with capacities of 4 tonne.


Merlo 26.6LP Telehandler Hire

2 machines in fleet


Merlo 40.16 Telehandler Hire

2 machines in fleet


Manitou MRT 13.37 Rotating Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

The 13.37 is designed to meet the needs of the many constructions and building sector applications. Many attachments are available to optimise working time on site and improve productivity.


Manitou MRT 15.42 Rotating Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

The most compact rotational machine on the market. Ideal for those hard to reach places.


Manitou MRT 25.40 Telescopic Swivel Truck Hire

1 machine in fleet

The 2540 telescopic swivel truck will lift loads or personnel to heights of 25m. The very wide range of attachments available makes the 2540 the most versatile machine for industrial maintenance, structural work and also on all your construction sites.


Manitou MRT 21.50 Telehandler Hire

1 machine in fleet

This machine reaching heights of 21m and combines 3 functions; materials handling, lifting and access platforms.


Contact Hi-Range Crane Forks today to receive your free quote. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a customised plan that suits the size, scope and duration of your site. We are specialists in hi-rail equipment for the building, construction and rail industries in Sydney and throughout New South Wales.

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