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Telehandlers (AKA telescopic handlers or reach forklifts) are essentially a combination between a crane and a forklift, with a traditional forklift pallet on a crane boom. With attachments other than the traditional forklift pallet, however, telehandler hire can be used in a wide variety of applications - one example being as an elevated work platform with a man box attachment. Though telehandlers are usually hired for construction and industrial settings, other industries such as the entertainment industry have hired telehandlers for events and creative production.

Usually a limiting quality of telehandler hire is the boom’s ability to move only up and down, while an operator must drive the machine to adjust it side-to-side. 360-degree telehandlers (or ‘rotating telehandlers’) eliminate this limiting quality by being designed to access a 360-degree radius without moving the machine itself. Here are three reasons why you should choose 360-degree telehandler hire for your next project.

Rotator attachments are also available for some models of telehandlers for hire that allow 360-degree rotation where the telehandler wouldn’t otherwise be able to rotate.

They’re A 3-in-1 Machine

A telehandler is a forklift, crane and elevated work platform all in one - but a 360-degree telehandler combines the abilities of a non-360-degree telehandler with the additional abilities of a crane and elevated work platform that other telehandlers miss out on. These include rapid set-up, rotating loads, increasing visibility, easy outrigger deployment, stowage and levelling.

As a 3-in-1 machine, 360-degree telehandler hire is more cost-effective than other telehandler hire, especially on worksites with multiple lifting tasks. For these tasks, you may otherwise need to hire small mobile cranes, costing more and taking longer to set up and pack down, increasing labour cost. Other single-machine options may also limit your operators’ ability to carry out technical lifting operations on a deadline.

You Get Precision Control At Impressive Load Heights

360-degree telehandler hire usually gives operators greater control over a more powerful machine. While the load heights vary, many 360-degree telehandlers average at around 5t of load at 30m high while maintaining accurate control. Their high lifting capacity is, in some, aided by a four-point chain boom or telescopic outrigger poles.

Structures such as a pentagonal cross-section and features such as precision steering with boom lateral rigidity provide ease of control to the operator, even while performing complex tasks. Modern 360-degree telehandlers provide more control with a Load Status Monitoring System, making sure the actual weight of the load doesn’t exceed the theoretical work chart set by the operator. In the event of overload, this system will cut the machine off. Along with tilt correction systems and secure frame levelling systems, modern 360-degree telehandler control systems provide the operators and others on the job site a greater degree of safety.

    They Offer High Reach & High Manoeuvrability

    A 360-degree telehandler’s 360-degree reach capabilities allow operators to complete its versatile range of tasks in quick succession, carrying out different operations without having to move the machine. Operators don’t need to turn the machine around to access different areas, but in the event that they do need to move the machine - getting in and out of tight-access areas - 360-degree telehandlers are highly manoeuvrable.

      360-degree telehandlers are more compact than many other telehandlers for hire, and have turning circles that allow them to turn in tight conditions. Some models’ stabilisers even have a telescopic scissor design that enables the legs to be partially instead of fully deployed to avoid obstacles.

        Hi-Range Offers Them!

        At Hi-Range Crane Forks, we supply two brands of 360-degree telehandlers for hire - Manitou and Dieci. Our models include:

        • Manitou MRT 1542
        • Manitou MRT 2150
        • Manitou MRT 2540
        • Manitou MRT X 2470
        • Dieci Pegasus 4017
        • Dieci Pegasus 5021
        • Dieci Pegasus 4025

        Manitou telehandler hire is best for boom construction, operating on slopes and unstable ground, adapting to various attachments and being comfortable while you do it.

        Dieci telehandler hire is best for lumping and carrying fibrous materials, working in hot and dry environments, loading across a slope and seeing what you’re doing as you do it.

        We at Hi-Range Crane Forks provide 360-degree telehandler hire to New South Wales. We pride ourselves on our high-quality machinery, skilled operators and attention to detail. If you have any questions about our 360-degree telehandlers or would like a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (02) 4062 8733 and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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