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In the construction industry, you might think of telehandler hire as solely for moving materials around on a job site. Some standard uses for telehandlers include using them as pallet forks, Elevated Work Platforms, crane jibs and more.

However, there are a few industries that use telehandlers you’d be surprised about. The entertainment industry in particular is picking them up and finding them more cost-effective, efficient and useful ways of producing new works and hosting events. Check out the new ways people are using telehandlers here.

Operating On Film Sets

Telehandler hire is used to set up film sets by bringing setpieces and larger props from loading trucks into sets where forklifts are impractical. A traditional pallet fork or goods cage are great telehandler attachment options for this purpose.

Telehandlers can also lift props from one area of the set to another and hold them up if they are to be suspended for a scene. These uses are best completed with a goods cage telehandler attachment option.

With a safety cage telehandler attachment option, a telehandler is also useful for enabling a cameraman to get a certain angle, whether it be birds-eye, angled top-down or close-up from a lower level of the set. Trying to get these angles with other equipment such as scaffolding can take days to set up and pack down

A safety cage or access platform telehandler attachment option is also useful for stunt teams on the film set, as they can use the telehandler to jump or swing from heights that would be hard to attach a traditional pulley system to - such as the open air.

A telescopic boom on a telehandler can be used to erect studio lights, lighting areas that would be hard to access to build a permanent lighting structure. Each telehandler attachment option is useful in bringing together a film set in different ways.

Setting Up For Music Festivals

Telehandler hire is used to set up different stages, mount speakers and safely move equipment for festivals. Festival organisers can hire up to hundreds of machines to set up before the festival, keep on stand-by during it and then pack down the festival once it’s over.

At festivals, telehandlers usually lift equipment into spaces where it is impractical for a forklift to go. Forklifts are generally not terrain-friendly to many festivals - especially outdoors on grass. Hiring telehandlers with grass-friendly tyres are therefore a better option.

    The equipment telehandlers generally move at festivals includes generators, fences, toilets, barriers, gazebos, speakers, and tower lights. In the case of tower lights, different telehandler attachment options can either replace the need for tower lights by attaching them to a telehandler’s telescopic boom, or help set up with grab attachments and access lifts for workers putting it together.

    In the summer festival season, many plant hire companies’ equipment spends almost as much time at festivals and fetes as on construction sites.This is because of the cost-effectiveness of temporary staging over permanent structures, especially for travelling festivals or festivals responsible for setting up their own equipment on a block of land, rather than using an existing festival space.

    Setting Up and Clearing Motorsports Tracks

    Before a racing event on a motorsport track, telehandler hire can be used to move equipment between a loading truck and the track, or from track to track. Structures that a telehandler may be required to lift include ramps, barriers, sound equipment, and winners podiums. Earthmoving bucket telehandler attachment options have also been used to transport dirt from an off-site dirt pit to a stadium off-road truck course.

      During the race itself or between races, telehandlers are usually used to lift crashed cars, bikes and vehicle parts off the track safely and efficiently, so no other driver crashes into them.

        Telehandlers’ versatility on terrain is also useful for this purpose, as depending on the track they could be operating on dirt, grass or tarmac.

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