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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) are manoeuvrable and compact machines used to lift workers into spaces they otherwise would not be able to reach. MEWP hire is used on both indoor and outdoor worksites to eliminate the risk of accidents associated with climbing, lifting and even falling on the job. The need to keep your workers safe while accessing high areas is common between many different sectors, making MEWP hire versatile and universally needed. Workers cleaning windows, moving boxes and building infrastructure all need access to Mobile-Elevated Work Platforms.

The most common types of MEWPs include scissor lifts, boom lifts, access platforms and aerial platforms.

MEWPs are Flexible

As we said, MEWP hire is universally needed and supports a variety of industry sectors. But Mobile-Elevated Work Platforms are also flexible between different tasks on the same project. MEWPs can be easily adjusted for different heights, and some are even designed for use on rough terrains. They’re easily set up and packed down, while also being compact and easily manoeuvred into tight areas before extending.

MEWPs that are mounted as part of a truck are the easiest to transport, however, larger stand-alone MEWPs can also be transported on a flatbed or trailer. Some MEWP models can even move while the platform is still raised, which is beneficial when completing jobs in multiple locations across a project site.

Spider-lift Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are the best for tight spaces and building interiors, as they’re lightweight and have low ground pressure. They don’t damage floors or pathways and fit through standard doorways and gates.

All-terrain vehicles with attached Mobile-Elevated Work Platforms, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering options, are best for jobs in extreme conditions. Their levelling controls make it possible to operate, even on heavily sloped ground.

MEWPs Make Your Workspace More Accessible

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms can be easily adjusted for different heights and, depending on the machine, can get into just about any space. This makes your worksite more accessible by increasing your workers’ reach, whether you’re in a warehouse, on a construction project or at an event. When looking for MEWP hire, consider the chassis size, it’s manoeuvrability, turning radius, and steering. Don’t forget to also check the height you need the elevated work platform to reach.

Jobsites with permanent obstacles such as water, ditches or structures especially should be utilising MEWP hire to enable their workers to work at height around the fixed obstacles. If working on sites with the need for both horizontal and vertical reach, consider hiring a MEWP with up-and-over ability – they position the operator’s basket around overhead obstacles in constricted work environments. Articulate or telescopic booms are ideal for this.

    Scissor lifts make worksites with narrow paths and high capacity loads more accessible. They lift from the ground straight to vertical heights.

    They Increase Safety

    Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are easy to set up, pack down and operate. They can lift heavy tools or materials, specialist equipment, breakables and workers safety and quickly. Ensure to follow the instructions provided or undergo training, and familiarise yourself with your MEWP’s safety features and emergency plans when you’re using it.

      Industry standards ensure Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are manufactured and maintained correctly, so they’re not only easy to operate but reliable too. Here at Hi-Range we provide robust machines and maintain them regularly, so you can be sure you’re using a safe machine.

        In order to operate access equipment workers are required by law to undertake training. As a business, providing this training is beneficial, but our operators at Hi-Range are capable and available for wet hire as well.

          They’re Cost-Effective

          Hiring MEWPs for hard-to-access jobs can save you money by increasing productivity across the worksite. Mobile Elevated Work Platforms reduce time spent on conducting risk assessments and setting up scaffolding and other equipment.

          Hiring a Mobile Elevated Work Platform also means you won’t have to hire as many machines or hire for as long as you would with other equipment. MEWPs can also move equipment that might be costly to move with traditional lifting methods. Since they’re so easy to use, less staff have to be onsite to operate them, reducing labour costs as well.

          Hi-Range has a range of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms coming soon!

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