How to Choose the Best Telehandler for Your Project?



Before you go picking any particular telehandler and thinking this one will suit your project requirements, you must first understand exactly what a telehandler is and how to use it on your project site. A telehandler (also known as a telescopic handler or teleporter forklift) is a versatile piece of machinery that can extend to reach high places on your construction or agricultural worksite.

With this in mind, you need to understand how big your project site is going to be which will determine the size you require. Due to the telehandlers design, if you overstress the telehandler by trying to lift materials heavier than the telehandler can lift, you risk the telehandler becoming unstable. In order to decide the right telehandler, here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Project Requirements
  • Consider the Attachments
  • Project Environment

Project Requirements

One of the first steps in deciding the right telehandler for your project is first understanding the particular project you need the telehandler for as well as the materials you are working with and the conditions you are working under. Forecasting where the operator will be picking the materials up from should also be a consideration.

When you look to hire a telehandler, you will need to examine the telehandlers load chart. This will show you the exact weight limits and heights of each telehandler, however, these charts are not as straight forward as they seem. These weights and heights are all dependent on the angle and height that the operator will lift the telehandlers boom. This is why knowing the material's weight and working conditions is essential.

Consider the Attachments

Depending on the work you will be conducting on your project site, you may require one or multiple telehandler attachments to efficiently complete your project. Due to telehandlers being compatible with different attachments, understand which attachments you require beforehand is ideal. This will allow you to hire the telehandler that can utilise all the attachments you require. Make sure you check the telehandlers load capacity as some telehandlers may not be able to lift the attachment you need.

Project Environment

When trying to select a telehandler for your project, you also need to take into consideration whether your project requirements are indoors or outdoors. This will significantly change the telehandler you require as there are several models of telehandlers. When working indoors, you would need a compact telehandler that is much lighter than outdoor telehandlers but that is also easy to manoeuvre. On the opposite side, if you are working on a large construction site or railway project, you may require a much larger telehandler due to the materials and overall size of the project.

The ground surface also plays a role in determining the telehandler for you. If you are placing a 14,000-pound telehandler on soil that is uneven or weak, the chances of the hired telehandler staying upright are very low. So, understanding the terrain is a key aspect of choosing a telehandler

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