What Telehandler Size Do You Need?



Telehandlers are versatile machines that can be used in a number of different projects. These machines are tough and reliable, allowing them to tackle any task on any terrain. Telehandlers are essential on farms and rural worksites, but they can also undertake civil and construction project requirements.

Now you know some information about telehandlers, there are three main size categories that they fit into - light, standard and heavy. Each telehandler size comes with varying advantages and disadvantages.

We have compiled everything you need to know about each telehandler category to help you choose the right machine for your project. Read on to find out more.

Light Telehandler Size

Light telehandlers are the smallest out of the three main categories. These telehandlers have a lifting capacity of 2,000kg to 4,000kg and can reach heights between 5 to 7 metres. This allows these telehandlers to reach heights typically required for construction sites.

These telehandlers are capable of undertaking farming duties such as hay and silage handling, grain handling and general farm work. They are also capable of lifting and handling structure steel beams or roofing components, giving you a wide range of versatility on-site.

There are pros and cons to employing the use of a light telehandler. One advantage is the flexibility and ability to multi-task. This allows one telehandler to tackle a wide range of projects most forklifts cannot. A disadvantage of this small telehandler is a lack of overall visibility if the boom is mounted on the right-hand side.

Standard telehandlers are the most commonly hired equipment as they can do it all. These typically range in lifting capacity from 4,000kg to 9,000kg. They can also reach heights between 8 to 10 metres, giving you the ability to reach high and hard to reach locations.

These telehandlers are ideal for cleaning up worksites by removing unnecessary materials as well as lifting building and construction materials around construction sites. They also can conduct high volume farm work such as handling food and grain. This telehandler can also complete projects when your worksite gets a little muddy or dirty.

One disadvantage of this size telehandler is that in order to undertake any lifting requirements, you need strict training and a license with an over 3-tonne lifting capacity.

Standard Telehandler Size

Heavy telehandlers are the largest out of the three main categories. These telehandlers have a lifting capacity between 3,000kg to 9,000kg and can reach heights with a long reach boom arm of 17 metres or greater. This allows these telehandlers to execute all your lifting needs.

These telehandlers can complete all bulk handling at waste management facilities and all general lifting on construction, building and civil worksites.

The pros of a heavy telehandler is its ability to multi-task by implementing different attachments while also offering a generous reach to help load tipper trucks, high-sided trucks or hoppers. Also, these telehandlers have great ground clearance, so it can complete tasks in any environment.

A couple of disadvantages include needing extra licensing in order to operate EWP’s with a heavy telehandler, as well as very skilled operators. The long reach boom arm can also pose possible dangers with the height not being able to hold the equivalent weight.

Heavy Telehandler Size

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