Popular Telehandler Types and Their Benefits



When you need an all in one machine, you can’t go past a telehandler. They’re able to combine the uses of more than five machines in one. Telehandlers, often also called telescopic handlers, have been gaining popularity over the past few decades on construction sites and industrial parks across Australia.

The original models of telehandlers were rough around the edges, and their capabilities didn’t always make them the first thought for hiring or buying. This didn’t stop the manufacturers developing them though, they continued to build on the design and functionality of the telehandler, increasing its load capacity, boom reach and stability. Quickly a machine that was once too clunky turned into the most versatile piece of equipment on the job site.

Now, telescopic handlers have a variety of types and an ever wider variety of attachments that can be used with them. When you have a telehandler on your industrial or construction site you can move pallets, lift equipment, carry loose materials and lift workers through EWP’s. Not to mention the selection of purpose-built attachments that allow you to quickly and easily complete work specific to your industry or project. 

The two main types of telehandlers you’ll find in the Australian hire and sales market are the Fixed Boom Telehandlers and the Rotating Telehandlers. Below, we break down what defines the two different types of telehandler, and the individual benefits of each.

Fixed Boom Telehandlers

Fixed boom telehandlers are the original telehandler type, they are built with a fixed cab and a telescopic boom pointing forward. Fixed boom telescopic handlers have a lower range of movement, but are often capable of handling heavier loads. This is because manufacturers are able to put all the counterweight technology in one part of the telehandler.

While they have a lower range of movement they are more than capable of carrying pallets, packages and loose materials around a work site or industrial yard. While fixed boom telehandlers are often compared to forklifts, telehandlers offer more carrying and transport options, as well as being able to lift farther and higher.

The benefits of fixed boom telehandlers are their heavy-duty capabilities. When you need equipment or materials transported across rough terrain and long distances, fixed boom telescopic handlers are the pick for you. The fixed boom models are typically steadier with heavy loads and have a longer boom, making them more of an asset on major projects, where there are wide spaces and bigger tasks.

Benefits of Fixed Boom Telehandlers

Rotating telehandlers are not designed to be the heavy lifters, more so the dynamic movers of the telehandler types. In saying that, their standard lift and carrying capacities are still impressive in comparison to forklifts and other machines that complete similar work. No matter if you’re on major construction, or working in an industrial yard, a rotating telehandler is equipped to handle your project demands.

Alternatively, the rotating telehandlers are a new model, developed in the late 1900s, and have become exceedingly popular in a short amount of time. Rotating telehandlers are the opposite of fixed boom telehandlers, with a cab and boom that can rotate 360 degrees, while the body of the machine is stationary. This enables a much higher range of movement for the telescopic boom making it better for tight access projects.

Rotating Telehandlers

Benefits of Rotating Telehandlers

The unique benefits of rotating telehandlers are their ability to move in tight spaces. Having a cab and boom that spins 360 degrees enables you to pick pallets up on your left and deposit them on your right, without having to maneuver the body of the telehandler. This is especially useful in tight areas where major or regular maneuvering will result in time wasted. While rotating telehandlers may not be able to lift the same weight and height of their fixed boom counterparts they still have impressive capabilities.

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