Advantages of crane and telehandler hire in Sydney


Advantages of crane hire in Sydney

Cranes and telehandlers are versatile machines ideal for haulage and heavy lifting in the construction and shipping industries. Crane hire and telehandler hire ensures the quick movement of materials and machinery with the accuracy and safety of load positioning. Hiring a crane or telehandler instead of labourers for the placement of pipes, building materials, railroad tracks, shipping containers, mobile homes, and more can increase productivity, safety, and the quality of work while reducing costs.

On Sydney construction sites, which are expensive to manage and difficult to access, crane hire and telehandler hire is especially important. Cranes and telehandlers can help other machines navigate tight-access construction sites by transporting materials in ways that avoid obstacles on the ground. By moving materials vertically as well as horizontally, cranes and telehandlers play a crucial role in lifting materials that need to be placed above ground level, preventing accidents otherwise caused by navigating obstacles on the ground, and saving time otherwise spent navigating obstacles on the ground.

Crane and telehandler hire provides flexibility

Hiring a crane or telehandler instead of buying one allows a construction company greater flexibility while reducing costs. Where buying a crane or telehandler would sink a significant amount of money into a machine that may not be applicable for every job, hiring a crane or telehandler is cheaper, leaving construction companies freer to hire a crane or telehandler again for a different job. Different cranes and telehandlers are ideal for different jobs, after all, and if a construction company seeks to complete a variety of jobs, they need enough in their wallet to gain access to a variety of cranes and telehandlers. That comes with crane hire and telehandler hire, not a purchase.

Flexibility is vital to Sydney construction sites because of their differences in access and terrain. Sydney construction sites vary from site to site; where one site may require a crane or telehandler suited to steep slopes and wet conditions, another may require a crane or telehandler ideal for avoiding power lines. In Sydney, spending all your money on one crane or telehandler means forfeiting a large number of jobs that don’t suit your crane or telehandler’s specifications. Hiring, on the other hand, means gaining the flexibility to accept all the job requests that come through.

Crane hire and telehandler hire companies offer consultation services on what crane or telehandler is best for your project - taking out the purchasing guessing game of which crane or telehandler will perform on the widest range of jobs… or whether Jim on Gumtree is scamming you.

Australian construction companies often suffer heavy equipment purchasing scams by fake websites based in Sydney offering fake discounts on heavy machinery. Crane hire and telehandler hire, as opposed to purchase, requires human interaction in the form of consultation, operator hire, and more, that prevents scammers from going to crane hire or telehandler hire as a scam strategy. Consulting a crane hire or telehandler hire company rather than a heavy equipment sale site is the easiest way to ensure that what you pay for is what you actually get.

Crane and telehandler hire is trustworthy

Crane and telehandler hire reduces costs

Crane hire and telehandler hire reduce costs not only in the crane’s initial purchase but in the crane’s operation and maintenance costs. Buying a crane or telehandler means employing and training operators, paying for maintenance and repairs, buying spare parts, and paying to store the machine. Cranes and telehandlers for hire are already maintained from a company that stores them, and their extra parts, for you. If the crane or telehandler brakes down, the hire company organises repairs. And crane hire companies like Hi-Range Crane Forks can also provide a crane wet hire service, where we provide a trained and accredited crane operator to your project.

Cost reduction is an essential strategy on Sydney construction sites. Sydney is the 19th most expensive city in the world to build in, just behind Paris, and ahead of Singapore and Berlin, according to a report by consultancy company Arcadis. With high costs and high taxes on importing materials, Sydney construction companies are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing site safety, site productivity, and the quality of their work. Crane hire and telehandler hire, over purchase, is the best way to do this.

We supply telehandlers for hire!

We supply telehandlers for hire with crane attachments and with or without expert Hi-Range Crane Forks operators, all over Sydney and wider New South Wales. We pride ourselves on our wide range of affordable machinery and reliable consultation and hire services.

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