What Are Hi-Rail Cranes?



All over the world, railways are becoming increasingly popular and is an important service for not only the transportation of goods and services but for people regularly commuting to and from different locations. With investments being made into railways, utilising equipment that can assist in the development and maintenance of railways is essential. Hi-Rail cranes are widely used in the construction industry due to their versatility and reliability.

What is Special About Hi-Rail Cranes?

A Hi-Rail crane is a piece of machinery that has many uses and can complete a wide array of projects within the construction industry. Hi-Rail cranes have a few features that enable them to complete various work projects. The first being that they have the capabilities to drive on the road while also run along railways. They do this by having rubber road tires but also being fitted with additional flanged steel wheels for running on rails. 

Another feature is the boom arm that can lift various materials from the ground into hard to reach areas of your worksite. These features allow hi-rail cranes to assist your project requirements.

Are There Certain Projects Hi-Rail Cranes Can Complete?

With hi-rail cranes having the ability to drive on the road while also ride on railways, the scope of projects that these machines can complete is endless. 

Hi-rail cranes can tackle railway projects such as:

  • Junction Upgrades
  • Railway Track Expansion
  • Railway Track Maintenance
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Signal Works

Before you hire a hi-rail crane, make sure you understand your project scope and which materials you will need to lift as you may hire a crane that cannot tackle your lifting needs. 

Hi-Rail Crane Forks Implements Quality Safety Measures

When dealing with a hi-rail cranes, you want to be assured that all safety measures and systems are in place before the crane undertakes your project. 

Here at Hi-Range Crane Forks, each hi-rail crane complies with road-rail vehicle standards and includes the following safety features:

  • Boom Height Limiting
  • Emergency Stops
  • Recovery System
  • Data Logger

In conjunction with the above safety systems, there are rigorous testing measures that are implemented to ensure that each piece of equipment can handle various lifting capacities. 

These testing measures align with the Australian Standards and includes:

  • Capacity System Testing
  • Brake Testing
  • Towing Capacity Testing
  • Stability Testing

Do You Need a Hi-Rail License?

Hi-Rail cranes can be a deadly piece of machinery if not utilised correctly which is why each operator who utilises these cranes needs to have the required tickets and qualifications. This gives operators an in-depth understanding of the machine, safety systems and how to operate the machine safely.

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