What Are the Benefits of a Telehandler?



If you have ever been out on a construction, railway or agriculture project site, telehandlers are one of the most prominent pieces of machinery on the site. A telehandler is a popular machine due to its combination of providing height like a crane but also the lifting and attachment abilities of a forklift. This allows for the telehandler to tackle a wide variety of projects. Being able to attach and detach attachments to suit your project's requirements allows the telehandler to be a diverse machine on the worksite. With a combination of reach, versatility and power, the telehandler is seen as an all-in-one machine for your forklift and crane requirements. Below are some of the benefits in utilising a telehandler:

  • Versatility
  • Loading Heights and Reach
  • Loading Capacity and Flexibility
  • On-Road and Off-Road Driving


One of the major features of a telehandler is its versatility. Being able to interchange various attachments to suit your projects requirements saves you having to hire other pieces of machinery while also making your project more efficient. A telehandler is also versatile in the type of projects it can take on. From moving construction materials or roofing supplies across site to lifting heavy materials up and down to reach difficult locations, telehandlers are an ideal machine to utilise.

Loading Heights and Reach

A feature that only resides in telehandlers is its ability to lift significant loads to heights and lengths that most machines cannot reach. There are various telehandler models that can cater to your project’s requirements, whether you need a 3-metre lift for general construction or a 20-metre lift for larger project sizes.

Loading Capacity and Flexibility

Another benefit to utilising a telehandler is the boom lifts loading capacity and overall flexibility. In recent years, the loading capacity of a telehandler has significantly increased depending on the model of telehandler you hire. Some can only carry a couple hundred kilograms, while others can carry multiple tonnes of materials. In conjunction with the loading capacity, having a machine that can carry massive material loads while being flexible enough to manoeuvre around obstacles makes the telehandler a unique piece of machinery.

On-Road and Off-Road Driving

Another benefit of the telehandler is the versatility to drive it on the road while also being able to drive it off-road.  This sees significant benefits as you can not only utilise a telehandler for tall building repairs, but you can also conduct agricultural maintenance on less favourable terrain. The telehandler utilises attachments which stabilise the machine, allowing it to be used for railway maintenance and powerline replacement.

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