What Licence Do You Need to Operate a Telehandler?



Are you looking to apply for a job working with telehandlers? Or do you need to hire a telehandler for a project you’re working on? Knowing if you have the right qualifications to be able to operate a telehandler can be confusing, especially when you consider all the different attachments that can be used with a telehandler.

The short answer is yes, you do need a licence to operate a telehandler. However, there is a range of other licences you may also need depending on the type and location of work you are undertaking. Below, we go through a range of the necessary licences and requirements you need to be able to operate a telehandler.

What is the Main Telehandler Licence?

The main telehandler licence required is the RIIHAN309E - Conduct telescopic materials handler operations. This training qualifies someone to complete standard operations of a telehandler. It covers a number of requirements such as:

  • General maintenance of a telehandler
  • Telehandler pre-start checks
  • Operating a telehandler
  • Attaching, securing, lifting, carrying and placing materials
  • Selecting, removing and fitting telehandler attachments
  • Relocating a telehandler

With a RIIHAN309E - Conduct telescopic materials handler operations licence you are able to complete the standard tasks a telehandler can undertake. Such as transporting materials and pallets around a construction site, moving equipment from the ground level to a higher level and lifting framework into place.

What are the High-Risk Licences You Need?

When you operate a telehandler there are a number of risks that are involved. Managing these risks responsibly and safely required more than just common sense. A High Risk Work Licence is required when working with or operating a telehandler. If you want to be a telehandler operator, a telehandler rigger or dogman, or work on an elevated work platform, you will need to complete this qualification.

While each Australian state and territory has different guidelines for high risk work licences they follow the same basic principals. By having this qualification you are assuming responsibility for the safe operation of a high risk machine. By enforcing the need for this licence states and territories are protecting everyone on and around these machines.

What Other Licences Do You Need For Telehandler Operation?

Depending on the work you are doing there are situational licences, certificates and inductions you will need to obtain to operate a telehandler. This could be related to working on a mine site, major construction site, in a public area or even on railways. If you’re equipped with a current and valid ‘Conduct telescopic materials handler operations’ licence and a high risk work licence you will be able to obtain most other situational licences, certificates and inductions with training. If you don’t already have these licences you will find it difficult to obtain further certificates.

What if You Don’t Hold Any of These Licences?

Depending on what you require a telehandler to do will depend on what can be done if you don’t have a telehandler licence. If you are looking to work on telehandlers regularly, it is best you get qualified, even if you have some practical experience. It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to require certificates of competency - licences in other words - no matter your experience.

If you only need a telehandler for a short time or have no one qualified we always recommend hiring your telehandler with an operator. In the industry, it’s called wet hiring a machine and it means that you don’t need to stress about trying to get qualified, the telehandler hire supplier will ensure the telehandler operator and dogman have all the necessary certificates.

Need to Hire A Telehandler?

If you’ve chosen not to operate a telehandler but instead wet hire a telehandler, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Hi-Range Crane Forks, we have a broad selection of telehandlers for wet hire available across the greater Sydney area. To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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